Public Safety: Greenville Fire Department

The Greenville Fire Department provides essential emergency and non-emergency services to the residents and visitors of the Borough of Greenville. We are a combination fire department consisting of 1 Captain, 3 full-time, 7 part-time firefighters and 2 volunteer firefighters. In addition to providing response to fire related emergencies, we provide emergency medical care, rescue and extrication and hazardous material mitigation. Numerous services are provided to the community such as a free smoke detector program, stand-by safety services for large public events, fire prevention and code enforcement activities, fire hydrant and vehicle fleet maintenance, fire cause investigation and traffic signal maintenance. The department maintains training and education facilities for the firefighters as well as a health and physical fitness program.

Public Safety: Greenville Police Department

The Greenville Police Department is comprised of 10 sworn police officers and the Mayor, as the elected official, who oversees the department. The sworn police officers consist of 1 Lieu-tenant, 1 Sergeant, 5 full-time patrol-men, and 3 part-time patrolmen. Each sworn officer has at least a high school diploma, and has completed the required Act 120 training. However most of the officers have backgrounds in the military, college, or both. All officers have also attended numerous specialized training seminars. These seminars consist of everything from homicide investigations to how to conduct a routine traffic stop. All aspects of police training are constantly being updated, and the Greenville Police Departments goal is to attend these current training sessions so as to better serve our community.

Public Services: Code Enforcement Department

The major responsibilities of the Greenville Code Enforcement Department can be summarized as follows:

  1. Enforcement of Borough Ordinances, International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), and Zoning.
  2. Conducts inspections on all Non-Owner Occupied Properties.
  3. Responds to complaints from the public and other departments received either by phone, in person, mail, or email.
  4. Works with the Borough's third party inspection agency for any Uniform Construction Code (UCC) projects in the Borough.
  5. Issues municipal permits for projects (i.e. roofs, fences, demolition, signs, etc.).
  6. Hands out, collects, and provides UCC permits.
  7. Writes violations for infractions of Borough Ordinances, IPMC, and Zoning.
  8. Files criminal complaints and appears in front of the District Magistrate when necessary for unabated violations.
  9. Works with Water Authority to ensure the safety and sanitary conditions of water users.
  10. Works with property owners with variance requests by setting a Zoning Board hearing. 

The Code Office encourages those who believe they are occupying a dwelling unit that is in substandard conditions to contact the department and request an inspection.

Public Services: Public Works Department

Public Works is dedicated to providing creative, friendly service while maintaining the borough’s infrastructure. The department maintains: 31 miles of roads, over a mile of public sidewalks, a one hundred year old storm sewer system, Composting site and assist other departments with their maintenance needs. The department ensures public safety by responding to weather-related emergencies such as flooding, snow and ice control, and other accidents and disasters. 

Public Services: Parks & Recreation

The Borough of Greenville has three great public parks (Riverside Park, Central Park, and the Sports Complex). Through partnerships with community organizations local recreation has flourished. 

Public Services: Sanitation Department/Waste Water

The Sanitation Department is located at the site of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Sanitation Department operates and maintains the sewage treatment plant and Boroughs sanitary sewage collection system, consisting of main lines, manholes and 3 pump stations which are owned by the Greenville Sanitary Authority and are leased to the Borough. It is also responsible for the enforcement of state and federal laws and requirements as they relate to waste water collection and treatment and the general protection of the environment.


The Borough administration staff consists of the Borough Manager, an Administrative Assistant, and the Financial Assistant who handle a wide range of responsibilities for the Borough.