Greenville Fire Department

111 East Avenue
Greenville, PA 16125
Ph: 724-588-3111
Fax: 724-589-5492

The Greenville Fire Department provides essential emergency and non-emergency services to the residents and visitors of the Borough of Greenville. We are a combination fire department consisting of 1 Captain, 3 full-time, 7 part-time firefighters and 2 volunteer firefighters. In addition to providing response to fire related emergencies, we provide emergency medical care, rescue and extrication and hazardous material mitigation. Numerous services are provided to the community such as a free smoke detector program, stand-by safety services for large public events, fire prevention and code enforcement activities, fire hydrant and vehicle fleet maintenance, fire cause investigation and traffic signal maintenance. The department maintains training and education facilities for the firefighters as well as a health and physical fitness program.

The department operates two pumpers, one ladder truck, one medical squad, and one inspection car out of one fire station. The department maintains training and education facilities for the firefighters as well as a health and physical fitness program. The department answers nearly 1000 alarms annually and maintains an average arrival time of three and half minutes to these emergencies. 

Fire prevention and fire code enforcement responsibilities are carried out by the on-duty firefighters who also function as fire inspectors. Over 350 public buildings are inspected each year. During these fire inspections fire hazards are abated, emergency exits and emergency lighting are checked and automatic fire detection and suppression systems are inspected. Construction plans for new buildings and renovations to existing buildings are reviewed for fire code compliance. The on-duty firefighters also provide fire education lectures and demonstrations to community organizations and during scheduled fire station visits. Training on the use of portable fire extinguishers is also provided.

Firefighters ensure fire hydrants are operational by inspecting all fire hydrants every six months and by flow testing and painting all fire hydrants every five years.

How do I report a fire hazard or fire code violation?

A citizen can report a potential fire hazard, unsafe conditions related to fire safety or a fire code violation inside or outside a private residential or public building to the Department of

Fire Prevention 24 hours a day at 724-588-3111. 

Some common complaints received are non-working or non-existent smoke detectors, combustible trash accumulation, obstructed exit doors and Exit signs, damaged fire hydrants, and electrical hazards.

What is the fire insurance rating of the Borough of Greenville?

The Borough of Greenville maintains a Class 4 fire insurance rating (also known as the Public Protection Classification). Class 4 is the best rating of any Mercer County community. The rating is determined by a survey conducted by the Insurance Service Office (ISO). ISO surveys the fire protection capabilities of the Borough of Greenville every 15 years. The survey includes three critical areas; (1) fire alarm handling which includes the 9-1-1 telephone system and dispatch capabilities, (2) the available water supply for fire protection and (3) the staffing and firefighting equipment maintained by the fire department. ISO assigns a fire protection class number between 1 and 10 to the community. The lower the fire protection class number the better the rating. A low fire protection class number provides a financial benefit to property owners as it is used in figuring fire insurance premiums in that community. 

Why are the caps and bonnets of fire hydrant painted different colors?

Fire hydrants are color coded to indicate the amount of water (gallons per minute) that is available from that fire hydrant. The gallons per minute are determined during flow testing of fire hydrants.

Fire hydrant color coding, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Guideline No. 291, is as follows:

► Fire hydrant body - Chrome Yellow

► Caps and Bonnet

Class C | Less than 500 GPM | RedClass B | 500-999 GPM | OrangeClass A | 1000-1499 GPM | GreenClass AA | 1500 GPM & Above | Light Blue

NOTE: In Greenville, fire hydrants that are painted all black are permanently shut off. Those that are painted silver and red flow less than 300 gpm.


Volunteers are welcome in the Greenville Fire Department. To find out more about this rewarding field of community service, please call the Fire Station at 724-588-3111.