Greenville Police Department

The Greenville Police Department is comprised of 10 sworn police officers and the Mayor, as the elected official, who oversees the department. The sworn police officers consist of 1 Lieu-tenant, 1 Sergeant, 5 full-time patrol-men, and 3 part-time patrolmen. Each sworn officer has at least a high school diploma, and has completed the required Act 120 training. However most of the officers have backgrounds in the military, college, or both. All officers have also attended numerous specialized training seminars. These seminars consist of everything from homicide investigations to how to conduct a routine traffic stop. All aspects of police training are constantly being updated, and the Greenville Police Departments goal is to attend these current training sessions so as to better serve our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements for a car seat? Booster seat? Children under 4yoa. – Any person who transports a child under 4years of age anywhere in the motor vehicle shall fasten the child securely in a child passenger restraint system. Children 4yoa – under 8yoa. – Any person who transports a child between 4 and 8 shall fasten the child securely in a fastened safety belt system and in an appropriately fitting child booster seat. There are no set weight limits but exemptions can be made if there are physical reasons why the seats would be impractical.

  2. What are the curfew hours during the school year? During the summer? During the school year the curfew hours are: Sunday evening – Thursday evening 10:00pm, Friday evening – Saturday evening 12:00am. During the summer when school is not in session: Sunday evening – Thursday evening 11:00pm, Friday evening – Saturday evening 12:00am.

  3. How do I speak to an officer if the police station is not occupied? Dial 911 and advise the county dispatcher that you would like to speak to one of the Greenville/West Salem Police Officers. The dispatcher will then advise an officer to contact you by phone, or to go to your location to speak to you.

  4. Who do I contact if I have a civil complaint? Contact the District Magistrates office at 724-588-3210

If you are not sure if the problem in question is civil or criminal you may contact the Police Department or the District Magistrates office. During normal business hours contact the Police Department.  After business hours contact 9-1-1 for any criminal complaint.