Public Works Department

Director of Public Services
Lyle Huffman
125 Main Street
Greenville, PA 16125
Ph: 724-588-4193, ext. 404

Public Works is dedicated to providing creative, friendly service while maintaining the borough’s infrastructure. The department maintains: 31 miles of roads, over a mile of public sidewalks, a one hundred year old storm sewer system, Composting site and assist other departments with their maintenance needs. The department ensures public safety by responding to weather-related emergencies such as flooding, snow and ice control, and other accidents and disasters. 

  • Streets – The department is responsible for: patching, resurfacing, base repair, reconstruction, grading, sealing, signage (in accordance with Borough Ordinances), sweeping, snow removal, line painting, and clearing the streets of debris and road side vegetation.
  • Storm sewer – The system is a hundred year old combination sewer that was converted to storm sewer when the sanitary sewer and plant were constructed. The system has over 800 storm inlets that have to be cleaned, sometimes raised, and repaired year around.
  • Traffic lights – The traffic lights are installed and permitted by Penn Dot and then turned over to the Borough to maintain.  In an ongoing effort to conserve, the Borough has upgraded all of the street lights throughout town to LED bulbs.  This upgrade has resulted in not only lower energy consumption, but longer bulb life and brighter traffic signals.
  • Ordinance enforcement – The department issues an excavation permit when any utility company or contractor is digging on borough property or right of way. We assist in the location of Borough owned underground facilities in accordance the Pa One Call system.
  • Snow and ice removal – Much of the winter maintenance consists of making the streets safer by spreading salt and antiskid and removal of snow and ice accumulation. The main arteries are first priority then the secondary streets. The last areas done are alleys, park, parking lots, borough sidewalks and airport.
  • Equipment and vehicle – The Borough crew does most of the repairs and standard maintenance to Borough owned equipment and vehicles.
  • Compost site – The Borough operates a state approved compost site at the Greenville Airport. The public works crew makes a monthly pickup of 3” in diameter or larger tree limbs which are chipped and hauled to the compost site for processing. The compost is utilized throughout the borough for landscaping.

Public Works Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Why do I have to get a permit to excavate on my property? State law requires that you make the PA One Call every time you dig. The borough requires that you get an excavation permit when you are digging in the street right of way, street, alley or borough property.

  2. Does the borough issue one call permits? No they are issued by the PA One Call System (1 800-242-1776).