Request for Proposals for Housing Rehabilitation Consulting Services




Mercer County (in addition to Greenville, Grove City and Sharpsville Boroughs and Pine Township) is soliciting for consulting services to implement a housing rehabilitation program that would be funded under their entitlement Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.


The consultant will provide services necessary for complete delivery and implementation of the housing rehabilitation program.  The consultant will utilize the "Housing Rehabilitation Guidebook – September 2018" as prepared by the PA Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) in the establishment and the execution of the rehab program under the direction of the governing body of Mercer County. The consultant will meet all requirements of the guidebook.  Responsibilities of the consultant will include:


1.     Work closely with municipal officials to prepare/update a promotional brochure for distribution;

2.     Prepare, update and consult municipal Rehabilitation Procedure Manuals that define all facets of the program in the form of detailed guidelines including all necessary letters, forms and contracts;

3.     Establish and conduct a public outreach program to solicit applicants (when the property owners on the existing waiting list have been processed);

4.     Be responsible for the intake and screening of applicants as to eligibility, verification of income, ownership and other necessary information;

5.     Conduct outreach and establish and maintain a list of qualified contractors according to DCED regulations;

6.     Conduct property inspections, complete work write-ups and cost estimates;

              7.     Prepare the necessary bid specifications for each rehabilitation project;

8.     Oversee the receiving of bids and selection of contractors, prepare the contract documents and conduct pre-construction conferences;           

9.     Conduct all inspections and approve the work being done, both during and after the completion of the rehabilitation work on each structure;

10.   Review and make recommendations to the municipality regarding all contractor pay requests and process change orders (if necessary)

 11.  Assist the municipality in providing project management activities as related to grant

documentation requirements including but not limited to the establishment of the project files, provision of data for annual/semi-annual and close out reports, and the preparation of other forms and final project documentation as needed by DCED as related to the rehabilitation work;

              12.   Provide the required services to insure compliance with all rules and regulations

(including those found in Exhibits A and B) as determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and DCED, including Davis Bacon, if applicable;

13.   Work with the Mercer County Regional Planning Commission staff to conduct the Environmental Review Record as specified in Exhibit C and in accordance with DCED requirements for the housing rehabilitation program;

14.   Submit a written report to the county regarding progress of the rehabilitation program on a monthly basis.

              15. Provide the expertise necessary to properly process legal documentation contained in the                      housing rehabilitation manual.


The delivery of services under this proposal are to commence upon execution of a formal agreement and shall be completed in as expeditious a manner as possible and in accordance with the timeframe detailed in the contract between Mercer County and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, but in any event no later than the third year of a five year contract signed between the county and DCED to complete an individual CDBG entitlement program.  The formal agreement between the housing rehabilitation specialist and the county will expire in three calendar years from the date of execution.


  Payment will be in the form of a not-to-exceed amount per house on reimbursement basis for services actually performed.  The consultant's invoices will be considered for payment no more frequently than monthly and paid upon receipt of grant funds from DCED. 


The consultant must furnish proof of professional liability insurance.


The consultant will comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (PL88‑352) as amended, and all other applicable Federal and State Civil Rights statutes.


The County strongly encourages submission of proposals by Socially/Economically Restricted Businesses (SERBs).  To achieve the objective of enhancing SERB participation, the County has established SERB utilization as a selection criteria in the evaluation process.  The County will evaluate the aforementioned criteria and will assign a point value to be considered within the overall RFP total point tabulation.

SERBs are businesses whose economic growth and development has been restricted based on social and economic bias.  Such businesses are certified minority and women owned businesses (MWBEOs) and certain restricted businesses whose development has been impeded because their primary or headquarters facility is physically located in an area designated by the Commonwealth as being in an enterprise zone.  Businesses will not be considered socially/economically restricted if one of the conditions listed below exists:

a.     The business has gross revenues exceeding four million dollars annually; or

b.     The concentration of an industry is such that 50 percent of the market is controlled by the same type of SERB (MBE/WBE) or businesses within designated enterprise zones.

      Proposers not considered to be socially/economically restricted businesses seeking to identify such businesses for joint venture and subcontracting opportunities are encouraged to contact:

Department of General Services

Minority and Women Business Enterprise Office

502 North Office Building

Harrisburg, PA 17125


Fax: (717)787-7052

SERBs are encouraged to participate as prime proposers.  SERBs qualifying as an MBE/WBE must provide their MWBEO certification number.  SERBs qualifying as a result of being located in a designated enterprise zone must provide proof of this status. 

Proposers not considered SERBs must describe, in narrative form, their company's approach to enhance SERB utilization of a professional level in the implementation of this proposal.  The following options will be considered as part of the final criteria for selection:

Priority Rank 1.                 Proposals submitted by SERBs.

Priority Rank 2.                 Proposals submitted from a joint venture with a Commonwealth approved SERB as a joint venture partner.

Priority Rank 3.                Proposals submitted with subcontracting commitments to SERBs.

Each proposal will be rated for its approach to enhancing the utilization of SERBs.  The optional approach used will be evaluated with option number 1 receiving the greatest value and the succeeding options receiving a value in accordance with the above listed priority ranking.

Consultant proposals shall include the SERB value in the cost proposal section.  The applicable items shown in the cost proposal section should also be used to prepare and detail the proposed SERB commitment value including, if applicable, fiscal year breakdown.  The selected consultant's SERB commitment amount will be included as a contractual obligation when a contract is entered into.  Regarding SERB participation and criteria for selection, emphasis here is placed on:

              a.     Proposals submitted by MWBEO approved SERBs.

b.     Commitments by proposers not considered to be SERBs which significantly utilize approved SERBs in joint ventures.

c.     Commitments by proposers not considered to be SERBs which aggressively pursue the utilization of approved SERBs in subcontracting opportunities.


The following information must be contained in the proposal:

a)     Scope of services including the minimum as specified in the RFP plus any suggestions for additions or alterations;

b)    List of relevant work experience regarding projects funded by the Department of Community & Economic Development and/or other State and Federal agencies;

c)     List of present relevant projects;

d)    Description and experience of personnel to be utilized;

e)     A cost proposal per method specified above;

              f)     Proposed schedule of activities; and

             g)    SERB verification documents, if applicable.                       


      Proposals will be evaluated and a consultant will be selected based on the following criteria and associated point-rating value (up to a total of 15 points):    

- Cost proposal (up to 4 points).

- Relevant experience, past performance and general qualifications (up to 4 points).

- Proposed schedule and ability to complete work in an expeditious manner (up to 3 points).

- Personnel to be assigned to the project (up to 2 points).

- SERB status (up to 2 points).

Proposals (three copies) shall be submitted to Chris Conti, Senior Planner, Mercer County Regional Planning Commission (acting as administrative agent on behalf of the county), 2491 Highland Road, Hermitage, PA, 16148, no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, September 27, 2019.  Mercer County is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive due consideration without regard to race, religion, sex, age, color, national origin or familial status.  The county reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.