Greenville Borough Citizens of the Month

The Borough Council appreciates and wishes to recognize citizens who contribute to the well-being of the Borough and its residents. Below is the Greenville Borough's Citizens of the Month Honor Roll.


Joan Wentling: citizen of the month of October 2018

Joan Wentling, most remembered for her service at Greenville High School as school nurse, continues to give back to her community in countless ways. Although Joan is not technically a borough resident, Greenville would like to thank her for her efforts in making our downtown beautiful, namely, organizing the care of the hanging flower baskets, which she has faithfully done for many years. Joan would like to thank the Flower and Garden Club, as well as the Gentile’s and Keystone Adolescent for their volunteer support in watering the baskets throughout the summer.


Holly Patterson: citizen of the month of September 2018

Holly Patterson, Community Editor of The Record-Argus, goes above and beyond in keeping the residents of Greenville and surrounding areas informed of breaking news. Holly's use of Facebook Live has been a tremendous tool in helping to inform residents of important detours/street closures due to emergency events, accidents, water main breaks, as well as events. Holly never misses an opportunity to build other people up!


Jean Carr: citizen of the month of August 2018

Jean Carr has dedicated herself in countless ways to helping the Greenville Community. Her role and leadership as President of the Heritage Days committee, her dedication, and sacrificial contributions culminate in a weekend of celebration. Heritage Days continues to thrive with hundreds of visitors see the best of Greenville on display. Jean's hard work in making this event success has not gone unnoticed. Jean is the FM Manager of ComDoc DocuCenter. ComDoc is supportive of Jean's active role in the community and on the Heritage Days committee. Jean is also a board member of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce.


Nancy Yauger: Citizen of the month of July 2018

Nancy Yauger, a resident of the Borough since 1967, has served faithfully in many community organizations through the years, but most recently as President of Friends of the Library, as a member of Mercer County AWARE, and the Downtown Task Force. Nancy has been committed to the continued beautification of Greenville and shares her horticulture skills and talent with projects that benefit the community at large. Most recently, Nancy was a driving force for first installation of flower boxes along our Main Street bridge.